Prepare for an inspiring showdown as two visionary founders, armed with comparable funds, engage in an extraordinary curated matchmaking battle that captivates investors’ attention and defies industry norms.



Experience the ultimate same raise showdown as two cutting-edge startups, each with an identical fundraising value, go head-to-head within the same industry. Brace yourself for an intense battle where Startup A and Startup B, both from Sector X, vie for supremacy with their million-dollar raises.

The intra-sector battle brings together two dynamic startups with equal fundraising values but from different industries. Witness the epic showdown between Startup A from Sector X, raising $500k, and Startup B from Sector Y, also raising $500k. It’s an electrifying battle that transcends industry boundaries.

Prepare for a riveting face-off as two remarkable startups, from the same industry, clash with different fundraising volumes. Experience the showdown between Startup A from Sector X, raising $300k, and Startup B from Sector X, raising an impressive $800k. It’s an exhilarating battle that showcases the diversity of entrepreneurial ambition within the industry.

Witness an extraordinary match-up as two ambitious startups, both with prior term sheets exceeding 40% of their current funding round, come together. It’s a captivating encounter that highlights the remarkable traction achieved by these ventures.


05 Nov 2023

15 nov 2023

Announcement of the top 200

18 nov 2023

19 nov 2023 - 27 nov 2023

DD and training

30 nov 2023

4 dec 2023 - 7 dec 2023

training and mapping

15 DEC 2023 - Demo Day 1

16 DEC 2023 - DEMO DAY 2

Pitch battle of top 16, 8, 4 & finale of top 2 Startups in tournament style